These notes are from previous installs for reference only

I am rebuilding the Ubuntu server.  I created the VMs with 4 hard drives.  Each for one partition listed below:

/boot partition 2 GB
/ partition 25 GB
/swap partition 4 GB
/var partition 250 GB and 330 GB.

Current Virtual Web Sites:

Ubuntu WordPress
Patrick McKenney Landscaping Co. : (Helping my brother build a company web site) This is the family page. It has our vacation pictures and videos. Ann amd Kieran have their own section my month and year showing the pictures and videos.  It is amazing watching the changes in them month to month. 

SCSIraidGURU’s World
It contains 30+ years of building computers. Why I am a geek and a nerd? My Education and Certifications. Packet tracer examples. My Cisco Virutal Lab (VIRL) build and projects This page has been created to cover IPv6.  It was been tested and resolves on IPv4 and IPv6

Women in STEM :  I changed this page to feature Women in STEM for Ann.  

Michael’s vacation and family page : I moved my vacation and family pictures from before getting married and having children to this site. 

Internally I created a Dropbox server for my wife to use for her pictures and videos on her phone.   It syncs will her account on the cloud.  It is on Ubuntu 16.04.6 like the other servers.    My next project is moving the Dropbox server into the VMWare environment from the external box.

The new Ubuntu WordPress servers backups more than twice as fast at the CentOS 7 server.  In DMESG, I can see the gigabit full duplex NIC settings.   The 160 GB +  VMs take under an hour to backup to the eSATA drive.   I have dedicated pages for this topic. 

4.2.2019  New Apache Web Server Bug Threatens Security of Shared Web Hosts

“In Apache HTTP Server 2.4 releases 2.4.17 to 2.4.38, with MPM event, worker or prefork, code executing in less-privileged child processes or threads (including scripts executed by an in-process scripting interpreter) could execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the parent process (usually root) by manipulating the scoreboard. Non-Unix systems are not affected,” the advisory says.

6.30.2019:  Upgraded UbuntuWPSCSI to 18.04.2 using do-release-upgrade.   It worked!    I did the same to UbuntuWPMM and it had issues with Apache2.   I rolled it back. 

7.7.2019 I migrated all the web sites to the new Ubuntu 18.04.2 server with LTS Enablement.

Linux has a life cycle.  LTS versions are usually 5 years like 16.04.  Starting with 18.04 this will be 10 years.  18.04 was released on 4.26.2018.

The Ubuntu lifecycle and release cadence

Canonical Extends Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Linux Support to 10 Years

The End of Life of 16.04 is 2021 with 18.04 being 2028.   If this article on 10 years for it are true. 

My servers are CLI not GUI based.   I am working on my CompTIA Linux+ certification exams.  So I am used to the CLI.   18.04 biggest claim to fame is GNOME.   Since I am CLI driven, GNOME isn’t a big thing to me. 

Ubuntu 18.04: Unity is gone, GNOME is back—and Ubuntu has never been better