In the menus to the left I cover many interesting topics from VEEAM Community backup.   Changing the screen colors in VIM to other colors. How do created DHCP, DHCPv6, and DNS servers in Ubuntu.  How to create a SAMBA server.   How to configuration SCP between servers without a password using keys.   Information on UFW: Uncomplicated Firewall.  

Many years ago my web site started on IIS on a windows workstation.   I moved to Fedora because it was Red Hat.   It was not easy to use and backup.   I moved to CentOS because it was better designed for security but it got in the way of backup performance and copying pictures to it.   I had both Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7 on my WordPress servers recently.   I dropped CentOS 7 because it was 33% slower on backups.   The SELinux firewall was not easy to setup and modify.   It kept getting in the way.   MYSQL upgrades on CentOS kept crashing the databases and I had a lot of manual work to do. 

I migrated both to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.   I usually don’t do in place upgrades to the web servers.  I will create new ones and use duplicator in WordPress to migrate the web sites.   This cleans the legacy junk files up.  

LTS is Long Term Support:  xx.04 version is Ubuntu is 5 year security and patch support.    Every 2 years the new LTS version comes out.  2020 was the last one.   2022 should be the next one.