This is the Linux menu page for CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04.6 / 18.04.2.  As of 7.7.2019,  All the Linux servers are running Ubuntu 18.04.3

I went from CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04 WordPress servers to just Ubuntu 16.04.6 WordPress servers due to performance issues backing up.   I changed to the LTS Enablement kernels on Ubuntu.  Both servers are up to date on LAMP.   I purchased the SSL certs from GoDaddy to start putting web sites back on Ubuntu.  I reduced the web servers to 2 GB of RAM and they have a 4 GB swap partition.   Once I installed everything, the Linux servers don’t use more than 500 MB of RAM.   Samba is installed on all my Linux VMs for backup and upgrading the web site data.    The Fortinet 60E firewall is locked down.  I used SSL Deep Inspection scanning on the web sites exposed to the internet.   The Godaddy certificates are installed on the 60E.  I have pages covering MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, Syslog-NG, SAMBA, Webalizer and more.  

I have been reading CompTIA and Sybex Linux+ books.    I have been on Ubuntu and CentOS web sites learning to install products.   I have set up the repositories for LAMP and kernel components.  

Help Files from Linux distros