has a great 30 day project called 30 Days in Space.  You are trapped on a broken space craft and need to fix it.  I bought a Hero Starter Kit last year.  Last month they have a deal on the $97 Mega Kit.  They gave you a $40 Mega 2560 unit with it. is working with me on this project.  

I went out and bought assorted bread boards and a box of toggle switches to build my imaginary space craft.  I will use the 2 short ones for from and back of the space craft and the two full size for the sides.   I have two Arduino Uno devices and one Mega 2560.  I picked up 9V-1A power supplies for them.   I figured I could use them to control my space craft.   As I start building I will post pictures and schematics.  

I am going to start my project by building my space craft.   I will be using 3 controllers:  

Master: Mega 2560:
Front control room
Side control room

Left Side UNO:
Left side of ship
Left rear of ship

Right Side UNO:
Right side of ship
Right rear of ship

Let’s get into character…..