has a great 30 day project called 30 Days in Space.  You are trapped on a broken space craft and need to fix it.  I bought a Hero Starter Kit last year.  Last month they have a deal on the $97 Mega Kit.  They gave you a $40 Mega 2560 unit with it. is working with me on this project.  

I went out and bought assorted bread boards and a box of toggle switches to build my imaginary space craft.   I decided to change the entire design around.   I put a row of bread boards in front of the Arduino devices.

I2C or I2C is short for Inter-Integrated Circuit, a synchronous serial communication
TWI: Two Wire Interface allows 112 devices to communicate

I am going to start my project by building my space craft.   I will be using 5 controllers: 

 Starting on the Left Side
First Hero UNO: Slave 1
Second Hero UNO: Slave 2
Master: Mega 2560:

Third Hero UNO: Slave 3
Fourth Hero UNO: Slave 4

Let’s get into character…..