I moved these PBRs to the SD-WAN rules

The two WAN links each host one WordPress server.  WAN1 gets 85% of the usage.  During my Fortinet Essentials classes I found that I could better use WAN2.  My DHCP servers set registered addresses for every device in the house. 

The 60E has two WAN links.  This explains how to move SD-WAN traffic order.  SD-WAN is configured so traffic starts on WAN 1 and fails over to WAN 2.   What I did here is moved the Kindle and Roku traffic on to WAN2 with fail over to WAN1. ROKU devices access 70+ channels like Disney+, NetFlix, Amazon Prime and others.  I could have done each service separate.  Instead just did the entire device. 

Network > Policy Routes

First 3 are on the Access point:

Policy 8 is for the two Kids Kindle tablets by IP to put traffic on WAN2
Policy 6 is the Roku in the family room and its traffic is moved to WAN2.
Policy 7 is the fail back policy to WAN1, if WAN2 fails.

Policies 5 and 1 are for the second Roku device. 
Policy 5 starts traffic on WAN2.
Policy 1 returns it to WAN1, if WAN2 fails.

Policies & Objects > Firewall Policy

Below it you place a similar policy for WAN1. Change outgoing interface to WAN1 and rename it. 

The final step is run these commands on the IP address to clear the route path and reset it. 

diagnose sys session filter src s.s.s.s //s.s.s.s = source ip address
diagnose sys session list //to list the session for that ip address
diagnose sys session clear //to clear the session for that ip address