I started reading books on technology.   I wanted to list movies and books worth reading.

Host Identity Protocol Version 2 (HIPv2)

How do we secure the entire internet?  This does it.  US Navy did it on all the ships.  I know it is not your typical book. 


This movie was made in 1970.  America built an AI system to control its nuclear weapons and prevent a launch.  It’s name Colossus.   It was designed to be impervious to all attacks.  No way to shut it down.   Russia built a similar system called Guarian.

Colossus and Guardian started to communicating and created their own langauge.   AI at its worse.

I told my B.EE professors to watch Colossus: The Forbin Project and read Frankenstein to show why just because you can design and make it.  You don’t have to

This book covers methods to secure your code when programming

  1. Update Your Devices

  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

  3. Use a Password Manager

  4. Install and Update Antivirus

  5. Back Up Your Data


Best tips of Cyber Smart

1.) The best method of protection is to not trust email and to be extremely cautious when receiving emails requesting money

I always thought Microsoft was like the others.  Only out for profit and control of information.  I have been very impressed with Mr. Smith.  I guess he isn’t Agent Smith of Matrix. 

Each chapter covers a great topic that I have been pushing for years.  Surveillence, Public safety, Cyber threats, social media, privacy, etc.

So far a great read.  I changed my passwords.  I even changed the Wifi passwords on my Fortinet Firewall at home.   I tightened down my firewall.  We really need RFC 7401

A great read even if you are not taking an exam.  It explains to IT staff the mind set of the business and how they are connected