SCSIraidGURU’s World

PBM : Plan, Build, and Manage


  • Strategy and Analysis

  • Assessment

  • Design

  • Measurable ROI

  • Compliance against industry and Cisco best practices

  • Gaps in support team ability to do the project

  • Design builds in resilient and scalable network design that meets the business requirements


  • Validation

  • Development

  • Migration

  • Does the proposed solution meet requirements for availability, security, reliability, and performance through accessment and lab environments?

  • Does it mitigate risk during upgrading the network?

  • Does the new IT and Network solutions process have minimum disruption to the production network? 

  • Does it meet the business and technical goals? 

  • Does it use a systematic and efficient approach? 

  • Does it control costs and improve operational excellence? 

  • Does it reduce operation costs and system outages? 

  • Does it mitigate device, network and software upgrades?


  • Operations Management

  • Optimization

  • Solution Support

  • Product Support

  • provides automated network equipment inventory management

  • better planning for equipment upgrades

  • increased operational efficiencies

  • Better troubleshooting methods for the new solution

  • increased uptime and productivity

  • identifies gaps

  • recommends and provides technical support for improved deployment

  • Increases performance, availability, resiliency, and visibility of the network.

  • Trains staff to handle issues better

  • Lower TCO

  • Proactive monitoring and management