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Ubuntu Pages

As of 7.7.2019, all servers are on Ubuntu 18.04.2 with LTS Enablement. 

LTSEnablementStack is a cool page on upgrading the kernel to the latest revision for many flavors of Ubuntu.  I upgraded both WordPress Ubuntu 16.04.6 servers to 4.15 kernel using the script on the LTS Enablement page. 

I discuss how I screwed up and fixed chown mistakes.

I dive into 18.04 for the first time.   So far 18.04.2 is working fine. 

I cover MariaDB, PHP, Samba, Backup solutions for Linux/VMWare, Syslog-NG, and Webalizer.

I retired out my CentOS 7 WordPress server.    Just didn’t backup as fast as Ubuntu.   I used Duplicator to migrate the WordPress site over to Ubuntu.   Awesome plugin.

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