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Started at Americorp Financial in 1997.  I have been working on various versions of my resume to cover everything below.  My full resume was over 7 pages.   I decided to break it up in areas I have done at AFLLC.   Some recruiters say the 7 page one is best.  Others say over 4 pages is tossed out.   


• Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (B.EE): University of Detroit-Mercy
• Cisco Certified Network Associate: Routing and Switching
• 30+ years of researching the latest technology available

• Various certifications from Cisco, Microsoft and Novell held over 30 years

Certification Exams Passed

Cisco CCNA R/S
CompTIA A+
VMWare Certified Associates 6: VCA6-DCV 1V0-621 exam

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Completed June 2019.

Many employers list knowledge of Agile or Six Sigma on their pages.  Some require at least a Six Sigma Yellow Belt to apply.   ITPro.TV has both Yellow and Green belt video series.   I will spend the $40 to get SSDGlobal.Net’s book and exam for yellow belt.    I want to work up to green belt.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

I decided before starting to study for my Yellow belt exams, I would finish the 10 hour green belt videos. 

Lean Agile Project Manager

I have been seeing more employers list AGILE in their job descriptions.   The Cisco CCDA is about network design.  LAPM is about project management, which goes hand in hand.   First part is completing the video course on ITPro.TV with Dr. Stern.

Desktop and Server Operating Systems

Microsoft operating systems up to Windows workstation 10 and Windows Server 2016
IBM OS/2 and OS/2 Warp
Novell 4.11 to 6 Netware Server
VMWare eSXi 5.1 to 6.0 Update 3
VMWare vCenter 5.0 to 6.5 VMWare vCenter Server Appliance
Various flavors of Linux: Suse, Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS


Dbase III and above
Pervasive Btrieve and SQL for Novell Network
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to 2016
MySQL: CentOS 7
MariaDB 10.4.x used for WordPress and Fortinet 60E hardening project
Configured Microsoft SQL server on Ubuntu for a ASP.Net project for my wife

I have written SQL queries and created a database program using C# / SQL 2014 Express for my Bowflex Exercising
My role at Americorp Financial is:
Maintaining and patching SQL Servers
Installation of applications that use databases
Migrating databases to new SQL Server installations

Linux shell coding:

I wrote a several batch files for the Fortinet 60E hardening project.  These parse off the Fortinet 60E firewall syslogs each day.   I placed these files in the cron.daily folder.    They write serveral log files and copy them from the syslog server to the database server each day.    I have a 7 day log rotation schedule to delete older logs.   The link below has examples of these files.  


 Wordpress recommends staying on the latest versions of PHP.   I also installed phpMyAdmin 4.9.6 on both servers so I could work better with MariaDB 10.4.x.   No one should allow root access to the SQL Database server.    I created several php web pages that are protected for my Fortinet 60E hardening project.  This project is over 1 year old.   I have a MariaDB database with several tables that have the parsed results for my Fortinet 60E firewall syslogs.  They have SQL users with Select and Insert rights to the database.   I created a set of php files to display the information on 

Fortinet 60E hardening web site page

PHP coding examples from this project

DoS attacks are organized by the results for last 10 days, 12 month totals, and 10 years of totals.
GeoFencing Policy are organized by the results for last 10 days, 12 month totals, and 10 years of totals.
Intrusion Prevention attacks have two tables by severity level and highest attack totals.

I moved them from the main web page to another location and use an include statement in a php file to point to them. I checked the source code to see what the SQL links point to verify the code is protected.   SQL user passwords have been hardened.  

E-mail Server technology:

1990s: Lotus Notes CC:Mail
Novell Groupwise
Microsoft Exchange 2005 to 2016
Office 365 Pro Plus and Enterprise E3


VMWare 6.0 VMWare vCenter Server Appliance on Americorp Financial network, VCSA 6.5 had too many connectivity issues
VMware 6.0 Standalone eSXi installation on my HP DL380 Gen8 Server at home
VMWare 6.0 Update 3 on HP BL465c G7 Blades
Installation of latest VMWare patches to keep VMWare up to date. I follow the VMWare 6 Patch Tracker page
Installation of firmware and drivers on hardware to keep up to date with VMWare Compatibility Matrix.

At Home: HP DL360e GEN8 Standalone VMware ESXi 6.0.0 build-9313334 Server for my VMWare certifications and to host my web server and SFTP server.

Microsoft Group policy for Active Directory users

Created various policies to automate configuration of workstations
Created a department default printer by department grouping
Created WSUS policy for workstations and servers. This policy controls time of download to workstations and servers. It allows users to install updates manually or on restart.

 Windows Server Update Services

Downloads Microsoft patches to this server to push out to all servers and workstations
Allows management control of patches that are applied to the network

Office 365 Pro Plus

Configured XML files to install, remote push Office 365 to end user workstations Configured XML files to download new versions of Office 365 for end user workstations

Office 365 E3

Moved our Exchange / O365 environment to Rackspace O365 E3 to take advantage of all features of O365.
Migrating Quest Archive Manager containing all emails and attachments to Racksace’s archive solution with the use of Quest Recovery Manager.
Implementing Outlook OME secured email solution for our users


Cisco ASA
Cisco NM-IPS

I have configured Botnet, IPS, IDS, and every other function of each firewall and device. I work with my vendors to provide a balanced approach to the feature sets and what the device can handle. The reason I switched to Fortinet is the 800C Firewall and Fortimail 200D & 200E devices separated detection that Cisco did not do for us. We have two WAN connections and two front end Exchange 2016 servers. We placed a Fortimail device on each front end Exchange server to provide protection for inbound emails and allow scanning of outbound emails for various issues.

Part of my CCNP and CCDP project was building a Cisco Virtual Lab with 5 routing NICs. I installed a Fortinet 60E at home. It was reconfigured to use 5 of the ports for the 5 NIC adapters. I took the remaining ports and split up my home into 4 areas and 2 WIFI zones. Intrusion protection finds 6-8 a day.

At home, I use a Fortient 60E firewall and a FortiAP FAP-221C wireless access point with a POE injector. My wife is a web programmer. Her laptop uses wireless N to connect. It has been had a problem using the wireless at the old house. I installed a FortiAP FAP-221C access point with a POE injector in our new home. It will give us dual radio 2.4Ghz-AC and 5Ghz-N wireless networks for your new home. I don’t want to run CAT 6 cabling throughout the house for all devices like blu-rays, TVs, Amazon Prime and Netflix, and other devices like cell phones and tablets. I followed the cold air return from the staircase to the basement for the CAT 6 cabling that will allow the POE injector to work with the AP.

Programming languages

IBM Advanced Basic
PHP 8.x : CentOS 7 / WordPress and Ubuntu / WordPress
Python 3.8.x
Arduino Uno device programming in C++
Raspberry Pi in Python

Various other languages learned since 1982.

I have been programming since the 1980s. I have written various applications for Americorp Financial and for home.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Current version SEPM 14.2
This server allows remote push services to install Symantec Endpoint Protection anti-virus to servers and workstations
Setup separate configurations for workstation scans when users are at lunch
Americorp Financial used CA eTrust before SEPM

Website development and design

I stay on the latest versions of all LAMP components and WordPress along with the plugins.   It is recommended to be on the latest versions of PHP and SQL for best performance and reliability.

I finished migrating my web sites off Ubuntu.  I removed the VM and recreated the Ubuntu 20.04.x server with 4 virtual hard drive install:
/boot :  2GB
/ : 25GB for MariaDB
/var:  I wanted to be able to easily expand /var/www in the future  1TB for each web server. 
swap partition  2x the available memory.  I found certain applications do use swap partition more than available ram

I had issues running LVM partitions on the servers with VMWare.  I found an interesting article that LVM and VMWare has issues and could corrupt the VMs.   I ended up created new servers without LVM and used Duplicator to move the VMs to the new servers.  On the completion of the re-installation, I installed the LAMP components and WordPress on Ubuntu.   I purchased GoDaddy SSL certificates for both servers.


Traveling, photography, web site design, home renovations, building workstations, Raspberry Pi and Arduino EE design, and gaming
Tutoring: math and various science courses


• The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)
• Cranbrook family membership