SCSIraidGURU’s World

8.2019:  Check out the Fortinet 60E hardening section in the main menu.   I also have PHP & Bash/Shell code section in the Linux section.   I created a MariaDB database for my firewall.  Wrote code to parse the data from the Firewall Syslog Logs.   SCP them to the database server.  I have a section on setting up SCP with a public key.   I wrote PHP code to upload the text files to the database and use iframe to display them in the Fortinet 60E hardening sectiion

I have been writing code since Basic and Advanced Basic on my IBM XT. I have used Pascal to import CSV files into FoxPro. I wrote a program to take a data file, convert the data into the proper format to import. I have written databases from scratch in Pascal. I have worked with DBase and Microsoft SQL. My knowledge of coding and advanced mathematics from my B.EE has allowed me to write better Crystal Reports formulas. I created my own trouble ticket system for Americorp Financial, LLC. I started working with C# and CSS to redsign this web page. So far this project has been a success. My web site works on my smart phone to my 28″ monhitor.

My programming knowledge helps our vendors develop fixes and enhancements to their software. I am able to flow chart my enhancement requests and develop the procedures to code them. My knowledge of mathematics and computer programming allows me to write better algorithms and tighter code. I hate spaghetti code and sloppy programming. I despise bloatware. Everyone thinks 64-bit Office is needed. How much more bloatware can they add to it. Adobe did it right with Photoshop. 64-bit for processing photos and 32-bit for everything else. Allow more resources for processing. I keep telling HP and Microsoft we need 128-bit for WIndows Server, SQL and Exchange only. Keep everything else 32-bit.

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