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Backup solutions for Linux

Since I started in 1982,  I am somewhat old school    I use tape drives.  I currently have an HP LTO 3 and two VXA-320 backup drives on SCSI.   I prefer tape drives because hard drives fail.  

I setup Samba shares to backup the /var/www files to one set of tapes.   I have VEEAM 9.5 to backup the VMs on my HP DL360e Gen8 server to my workstation’s eSata drive.  I use Symantec Backup Exec 2010 to back that directory with the current VM backups to another set of tapes.   I keep the previous VM backups in another eSata directory.   I rotate 3 sets of tapes for my backups.   I keep the wp-config.php files on my workstation because they are flagged 700 so the backup software can’t read them.  VEEAM does work with tape drives directly.  I am considering a LTO-5 tape drive for my workstation for VEEAM to use.