4.14.2015: One week into rewriting my web page. So far I have learned a lot about CSS.

9/27.2015: Using W3C validation tool to fix each html page.

My box design with em values has allowed the pages to reconfigure on various monitors. The benefit of this design is pages stay left to right on screen and reorganize down the page.

I placed a separate style sheet in each directory to control the pages. The benefit of a style sheet is quicker formatting changes to the page. You can control each object on the screen by size, color, font type, etc.

I used mutliple a href classes to see the link colors on a page. The style sheet contains a list of font sizes from h1 to h6 along with various combonations of size, type, color, along with margin.

Android: I have a Samsung Galaxy S 5 smart phone. I have been checking it to see how my web site works in a mobile environment. So far, the boxes organize themselves. I can expand them wihout going off edge.

I am working with Jalbum on non-flash albuns that will open on mobile devices. Andriod IOS 5 dropped Adobe Flash.

For mobile pages, don’t put height in style sheet.