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I am still updating content.  I have been going through my Cisco Virtual Lab simulations.  I have been adding in IPv4 and IPv6.  They will be able to access the real world.  TFTP to IPv6 is working.   I have been creating IPv6 on my Fortinet 60e and soon will have DHCPv6 working in my entire house.  The Linux pages for CentOS 7.x and Ubuntu 16.04.5 are up to date.   Updating the menus has been alot of work.   The Conditional menus are great but means each new simulation and page needs to be added to the structure. 

My late father always said the easy road is never the right road to take.
Knowledge requires effort and time to gain.

From Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium:
Unlikely adventures require unlikely tools.
Your life is an occasion, Rise to it!

From Babylon 5
Never fear answers, only fear running out of questions.

This site is for everything I have done over 30+ years!!

It covers all my awesome workstation builds
It covers programming that I have done
It covers my Cisco CCNP and CCDP work
All my CCNA/CCNP simulations from Packet Tracer and my Cisco Virtual Lab

My house has an Fortinet 60E firewall with two WAN ISP connections.   The best place to protect your house is the front door lock.   This firewall is exactly that.  I can create inbound and outbound rules along with layers of protection from attacks using various services on the firewall. 

Michael’s Science Blog :I decided to create a Science blog page. I am still working on content for it.

Webalizer Stats Page: I installed Webalizer and wrote cron.daily files to see how it was done

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