This site is for everything I have done over 30+ years!!

It covers all my awesome workstation builds
It covers programming that I have done
It covers my Cisco CCNP and CCDP work
All my CCNA/CCNP simulations from Packet Tracer and my Cisco Virtual Lab


Ubuntu 20.04.1 network at home.

  • Two WordPress servers:  I am running the latest LAMP components 

  • Two DNS servers with IPv4 and IPv6: 

  • DHCP server for IPv4 and IPv6 on one of the DNS servers.

  • File/Programmer server (Ubuntu Desktop with GUI): Python is on it.  xorgxrdp is working for RDP connections

  • Syslog server: for my Fortinet 60E firewall

  • MS SQL server installed on Ubuntu 20.04: for future database projects

I created

New Cisco Virtual Lab simulation page

This will help free up this web site and its database of archived pages. 


My mentor said to be called an engineer you need three things?”

1.) You needed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering.

2.) Experience and the education into the future. We continue our education beyond our Bachelor’s degree. We research new technology to better serve the corporation’s needs. We bring new ideas to the table.

3.) Engineers bring solutions not problems to management.

This site will take you on the 30+ year journey into being an engineer

My late father always said the easy road is never the right road to take.
Knowledge requires effort and time to gain.

From Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium:
Unlikely adventures require unlikely tools.
Your life is an occasion, Rise to it!

From Babylon 5
Never fear answers, only fear running out of questions.

IT gave me my own page to post my Cisco VIRL simulations to for their users.